[Extra] QK65v2 Classic

Rp 3.679.000

Instock, ready to ship within 2-5 working days.

Available kits:

Kit Top Case Bottom  Weight Badge PCB Plate
1 Spray-coated Retro White Spray-coated Retro White Brass Logo Badge Set Tri-mode ANSI Non-Flex Cut PCB FR4 Plate
2 Spray-coated Retro White Spray-coated Retro White Copper Logo Badge Set Tri-mode ANSI Non-Flex Cut PCB CF Plate
3 Anodized First Light Anodized First Light Spray-coated White Logo Badge Set Tri-mode ANSI Non-Flex Cut PCB ALU Plate
4 Anodized Black Anodized Black Mirror Dusk Logo Badge Set Tri-mode ANSI Non-Flex Cut PCB FR4 Plate
5 Anodized Black Anodized Black Mirror Golden Game Badge Set Tri-mode ANSI Non-Flex Cut PCB POM Plate
6 Anodized Champagne Anodized Champagne Brass Logo Badge Set Tri-mode ANSI Non-Flex Cut PCB ALU Plate


  1. Pengiriman luar pulau wajib tambah Packing Kayu (kerusakan dan kehilangan barang bukan tanggung jawab Mechaland). Tambah Packing Kayu lewat link ini: https://mechaland.id/products/packing-kayu
  2. Wajib video unboxing, kami tidak akan terima jika ada masalah dengan order tanpa video unboxing
  3. Hanya 1 keyboard kit per order. Jika ingin membeli lebih dari 1, bisa buat order baru setelah pembelian sebelumnya berhasil. Jika membeli extra parts, harap jangan dipisah dan jadikan 1 order bersama dengan keyboard kit. Extra parts bisa dibeli dari sini: https://mechaland.id/products/extra-qk65v2-classic-parts
  4. Harga sudah termasuk asuransi keyboard senilai 3jt

Additional Note from QK:

Due to differences in surface treatment techniques and coating thickness:
anodized top + spray-coated bottom is forbidden, and anodized bottom + spray-coated weight is not recommended. There will be a noticeable difference in texture among these combinations, and we do not accept returns initiated by customers solely based on dissatisfaction with this distinction.

Recommended combinations:
Anodized top + Anodized bottom
Spray-coated top + Spray-coated bottom
Spray-coated top + Anodized bottom

Options with *: spray-coated with glitter

About QK65v2 Classic

Unlike the QK65v2, the classic version aligns more closely with the design language of the original QK65. Without the LED strip and mini screen, the QK65v2 Classic embodies a more minimalistic design, making it easier to integrate into your desk setup.

Inside the case, we added a brushed stainless steel internal weight to slightly enhance the industrial design, without compromising its sleek and clean appearance.

The classic version shares the same design as the QK65v2. The back case, external weight, and themed badge are all customizable, allowing users to create a unique keyboard. Besides the six themed badge set, we've also added a plain mirror badge for customers who prefer a simpler design.

The USB dongle can be stored under the badge, allowing you to enjoy a wireless typing experience anywhere without worrying about losing it.

The use of magnetic connectors on our previous products has received very positive market feedback. On top of that, we incorporated a clip-in mechanism into the QK65v2 to further simplify the assembly process. The case can be disassembled in less than 10 seconds by simply removing the rubber feet and releasing the clips.

The QK65v2 Classic is compatible with both PCB gasket mount and top mount. We have added plate cushions around the screw holes to eliminate any potential case ping when using the top mount. Additionally, the PCB daughterboard now has its own gasket to ensure mobility with the magnetic connectors.

For more details about QK65v2 Classic: https://qwertykeys.notion.site/QK65v2-Classic-bd68750d75ea4a37a2cacb864b8505ba

Product Warranty:

  1. Void if the ownership is transferred (name on the invoice will be your proof of ownership).
  2. 1 year regarding PCB functionality (start from received the board).
  3. <2mm tolerance of visible surfaces after built.
  4. Cosmetic imperfections hidden after built on the PCB and plate are not covered.
  5. For purchasing PCB only without case, we will only give 1 week guarantee regarding PCB functionality.
  6. Complaint should be informed to us within 7 days after received the package and need unboxing video as proof. We won't accept any complaints without video proof.

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