[Extra] QK75N

Rp 3.459.000

Hello everyone, QwertyKeys has been with you for almost two years since the launch of our first project - the QK65. During this period, the first generation of QK's products has covered almost all the popular layouts from 60% to 100%. Now, let's unveil the second generation together with the pilot project - the QK75N.

Instock, ready to ship within 2-4 working days.

Available Kit:

Kit Colorway PCB Plate
1 Dino Run - E-White Tri-mode Flex-cut ANSI Hotswap PCB CF
2 Circuit - Anodized Black Tri-mode Flex-cut ANSI Hotswap PCB CF
3 Circuit - Anodized Silver Tri-mode Non-flex cut ANSI Hotswap PCB FR4
4 Coffee - Anodized First Light Tri-mode Non-flex cut ANSI Hotswap PCB FR4

Pembelian sudah termasuk asuransi 3.5jt. Wajib tambah packing kayu untuk pengiriman Indonesia di luar Pulau Jawa. Segala kerusakan/kehilangan karena pengiriman di luar tanggung jawab Mechaland.

Tambah Packing Kayu : https://mechaland.id/products/packing-kayu

Additional note:
- Cannot buy top and bottom case separately.
- Wireless option already included battery (1 battery/case).
- DB is included on case purchase.

Product Warranty:
1. Void if the ownership is transferred (name on the invoice will be your proof of ownership).
2. 1 year regarding PCB functionality (start from received the board).
3. <2mm tolerance of visible surfaces after built (need unboxing video for proof).
4. Cosmetic imperfections hidden after built on the PCB and plate are not covered.
5. For purchasing PCB only without case, we will only give 1 week guarantee regarding PCB functionality.


All CNC’d Aluminum Case with Upgraded Surface Treatment
- Offers the smoothest surface texture ever among all QK products.

14 Colorways in 7 Different Themes
- Circuit: Anodized Black, Anodized Silver
- Coffee: Electrophoresed Cream, Anodized First Light
Retro: Electrophoresed Cream, Electrophoresed Red
Mystery: Anodized Purple, Anodized Navy
Dino Run: Electrophoresed White, Electrophoresed Grey
- Smile: Electrophoresed Green, Electrophoresed Yellow
- Meow: Electrophoresed Blue, Electrophoresed Pink
NEW plain badge and tag added as extra parts

Rotary Knob + Mini Screen = Consolidated Media Control Panel
- Comes with various built-in media control functions
- Supports customizable functions using QK Config

Replaceable Stainless Steel Badge with 7 Different Patterns
- Designed to match the theme of each colorway
- Additional badges are available for purchase

The Same PCB-mount Structure, But Better
- New 30-duro gaskets with optimized positioning
- Brings the sound profile and typing experience to the next level

NEW Magnetic Connectors to Replace Ribbon Cables
- PCB and daughterboard are now connected by magnetic connectors

Tri-mode Connectivity
- Wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4Ghz all supported
- Two 2200mAh batteries are included to provide longer power cycle.

Support Both ANSI and ISO Layout
PCB options:
- Tri-mode Flex-cut ANSI Hotswap PCB
- Tri-mode Non-flex cut ANSI Hotswap PCB
- Tri-mode ISO Hotswap PCB

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