[Group Buy] Creation PBT Dye Sublimation Cherry Keycaps Set

Rp 1.159.000

GB Date : June 14th to July 5th 2024.
ETA : End of Aug 2024

Cherry Profile Dye Sublimation PBT Full Set Keycaps

The design of this keycap set is inspired by the brushstrokes and brilliant colors left on canvas by master artists. The charcoal black and warm white keycaps are intertwined, just like the contrast on the canvas, and the ultramarine blue, the oldest color in nature, is dotted in it as if it is the painter's unique signature! This unique color scheme gives the keyboard a completely new look, as if you are creating a beautiful painting every time you press it.


The keycap set is made of PBT material with a dye sublimation production method, ensuring its durability against oil and longevity.


Comfortable Touch Experience

The 1.7mm PBT keycap design is thickened and undergoes a frosted process to achieve a grainy surface texture, providing a pleasant touch sensation.


Name Creation
Profile Cherry
Legend Backlight does not shine through
153 keys
Dye Sublimation PBT
Color Carbon Black+Canvas White+Ultramarine Blue
Note: The colors of the product may appear different because of the lighting conditions or the settings of your monitor.

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