[Extra] QK60 R2

Rp 179.000
The QK60 is a 60% gasket mount mechanical keyboard, introduced in 2022 as the second product of Qwertykeys. Over the past year, we received many requests from our fans to bring it back. Therefore, we’ve decided to launch another round of sales, offering new colorways, engraved weight, and the non-flex cut PCB.

Instock, ready to ship within 2-4 business day.

Available Kit:
Kit Top Case Bottom Case Weight PCB Plate
Kit 1 Smokey HHKB Black PVD Dusk Tri-mode PCB Alu
Kit 2 Ice White WKL Green Sandblasted Golden Tri-mode PCB CF
Kit 3 Black WK Black PVD Dusk Tri-mode PCB Alu
Kit 4 Black HHKB Black PVD Dusk Tri-mode PCB Alu
Kit 5 Ice White WKL Ice White PVD Dusk Tri-mode PCB Alu
Kit 6 Ice White HHKB Ice White PVD Dusk Tri-mode PCB Alu
Additional note:
- Cannot buy top and bottom case separately.
- Wireless option already included battery (1 battery/case).
- Aluminum plate will only be available in black.
- DB is included on case purchase.

Product Warranty:
1. Void if the ownership is transferred (name on the invoice will be your proof of ownership).
2. 1 year regarding PCB functionality (start from received the board).
3. <2mm tolerance of visible surfaces after built (need unboxing video for proof and max 7 days after received the board).
4. Cosmetic imperfections hidden after built on the PCB and plate are not covered.
5. For purchasing PCB only without case, we will only give 1 week guarantee regarding PCB functionality.

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