[Extra] QK80 Parts

Rp 649.000
Extra Parts:

Instock, ready to shipped within 3-7 days.

Additional note:
1. QK80 and QK80 Bundle orders has badge included.
2. QK80 and QK80 Bundle orders with wireless PCB has battery included.
3. QK80 and QK80 Bundle orders do NOT include PCB and Plate.
4. Extra Wireless PCB does NOT include battery.

Product Warranty:
1. Void if the ownership is transferred (name on the invoice will be your proof of ownership)
2. 1 year regarding PCB functionality (start from received the board)
3. <2mm tolerance of visible surfaces after built (need unboxing video for proof)
4. Cosmetic imperfections hidden after built on the PCB and plate are not covered
5. For purchasing PCB only without case, we will only give 1 week guarantee regarding PCB functionality.

You can get the board on QK80

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