[Group Buy] Keykobo Outer Bounds

Rp 1.329.000

"KKB Outer Bounds is inspired by our solar system, in particular the mystical and seldom-explored outer planets. Although space is not all neon lights and disco balls, it's still mesmerisingly colourful.

Recently, I’ve been reading (and watching) quite a bit about the evolution and eventual fate of the solar system, which got me fascinated in this aspect of my science education again. Kind of poetic to turn your gaze upwards into the vast expanses of the solar system which we will probably never tread with our own feet, and at the same time realise the solar system is but one infinitesimal in the entire cosmos.

The solar system seems only a hand’s reach from this blue planet we call home, but at the same time may well be the outer bounds of human exploration in the foreseeable future. The set is named accordingly."

GB Information

Groupbuy Start Time: Feb, 24th 2024
Groupbuy End Time: Mar, 25th 2024
ETA Q3 2024


Profile: Cherry
Material: ABS Plastic
Legend: Doubleshot
Manufacturer: Key Kobo

Designer: Keepo

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