Owlab Owlstab V2 (Screw in Stabilizer for Mechanical Keyboard)

Rp 299.000
Available on white clear color for now
From owlab
Screw in Stab, PCB mount.

tldr 100% can be used towards one tsangan 65/80% and one 6.25u 80/65%
wires: 4x2u wires, 1x7u and 1x6.25u for 80℅ and 7x2u wires, 1x7u and 1x6.25u for 100%

What did you get:
10 stab housing + stab
6 wire cushions
12 stab teflon tapes
12 washers and screws

18 stab housing + stab stems
9 wire cushions
18 stab teflon tapes
18 washers and screws

Additional feature for this stabs:
the major selling point is the wire made from liquidmetal®
tldr don't bend it alright?
made of a type of shape-memory alloy
there is an elastic limit where stay straight during transit and installation when force was exerted
on the wires
thus its "memory" and "original shape" can be altered with frequently bending or bend-and-hold
overall, don't intentionally abuse this feature to avoid metal fatigue and deformation
Owlab are working on improving the qc process to enhance the accuracy of the straightness test

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