Wuque Studio

[Extra] WS Purquoise Keycaps

Rp 1.469.000

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WS Purquoise is the latest set by TyPo.mk utilizing Wuque Studio's doubleshot PBT keycaps! True to its name, this set brings some flair with crisp doubleshot legends on a vibrant turquoise and speckled purple colorway! Several white accents are also included.
The singular Base Kit is extremely robust, offering split spacebars, Terminal ISO support, and tons of 40's support!

Manufacturer: WS PBT
Keycap Material: Doubleshot PBT
Keycap Thickness: 1.6mm
Keycap Profile: Cherry
Keys QTY: 167keys

Details Deskmats
Size: 900x400x4mm
Stitched Edges
High Quality Cloth Top with Rough Texture

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