Gateron Cream Soda Switches

Rp 113.000

Switches are sold in multiply of 10 (buy 1 get 10 pcs switches)

Purchase over 7 packs (70 switches) will get free switch container

Gateron Cream Soda switches takes the famous INK bottom housing, combined with a long pole! The combination that we all needed! To top it off, the switch incorporates an 18mm long spring and a milky top housing for that marbly goodness!

'It's a hot summer day in July of 1952, you just finished your weekend yard chores and Pops tossed you a couple quarters. It's time to head on down to the soda fountain in town to meet up with some good friends, grab a bite, and an ice-cold treat. Nothing beats the summer blues like great times and good eats.'

Gateron Cream Soda Specs:
  • Designed by PuNkShoO
  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Top Housing: 'Milky'
  • Bottom Housing: INK
  • Stem: POM
  • Spring Length: 18mm
  • Spring Weight: 63g
  • Actuation Force: 56g
  • Travel Distance: 3.8mm
  • Pin Configuration: 5 Pin
  • Factory Lubed? Yes

Credit picture to : rndkbd and PuNkShoO

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