[Group Buy] Keykobo Tidal

Rp 1.490.000
"Looking for blue in a certain shade? Maybe something light to lift the depressing state of group buys? Feeling blue for whatever reason, maybe someone used your money on a Porche? Fear not
Storms ahead !
Don’t get caught at sea. Look out over the edge of your boat to see the endless water around you. As you peer out onto the horizon you can’t help but marvel at the stormy gradient of blues off into the distance. Just like KKB Tidal!The four tone desaturated blues feel like crashing waves on a night time swim. Bring a bit of wonder to your desk set up with these cool blues atop your keyboard. Great for Navy boards or even a shiny silver base to fall back and let the gradient steal the show."

GB Information
Groupbuy Start Time: Oct. 15th, 2023
Groupbuy End Time: Nov. 2th, 2023
ETA Q2 2024

Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Designed by mcnos

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