QK65 R1 Extras

Rp 619.000
All A stock extra from Round 1

For E-White Top with Golden Bottom Case:
- Include 1 pcs HS PCB and 1 pcs FR4 plate (R1 version)
- We will not accept complain without unboxing video showing the scuff and we will not accept after you complete the Order (complain only Tokopedia)
- In terms of the quality standard, all the internal (surfaces cannot be seen after built) CNC marks and imperfections are within the acceptable range.
- On all other surfaces and edges, blemishes under 2.01mm is approved.
- Gaps and creases under 0.51mm is approved.
- All parts with cosmetics imperfections, other than the case itself, will not be replaced unless function is damaged for usage.

For PCB:
- Our warranty covers the PCB for one year of use or if dead on arrival without any modification (please save your tokopedia invoice for claim)
-- Mill-maxing PCB will void your warranty
-- tape modding is not recommended especially on PCB without a daughterboard
--- ESD protection module, when at work, will disseminate large amount of heat and tape mod would constraint the air flow hence might cause the ESD chip to fry; we will not be responsible for any damaged caused by such modifications
- Broken parts due to human error, such as Hotswap Sockets that are pushed out of the PCB solder pads, are not covered.

For Plate:
- No Guarantee, only scuff that affecting functionality that we will accept (only with unboxing video showing the scuff)
- POM plate can bend during installation, join our discord for switch installation order to prevent bending

Another detail and photo you can check on our discord server

Pembelian produk ini disarankan menambah extra bubble wrap (kerusakan saat pengiriman bukan tanggung jawab penjual)

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