[Raffle] Jelly Evolv

Rp 8.348.000

This is an exclusive link for Jelly Evolv raffle winners. Please choose your option as instructed in the email. If you are not a raffle winner, DO NOT BUY THIS.

Payment Period: 20-21 August 2023
ETA Oct-Nov 2023

Jelly Evolv Notion Page: https://qwertykeys.notion.site/Jelly-Evolv-984b162331ef4e159029678f8ab2adfd

What's included in the Keyboard Kit:

  • Case
    • Including one pre-installed external weight, protected with tempered glass film
  • PCB Kit
    • PCB of your choice
    • PE sheet
    • PCB Foam
  • Plate of Your Choice
  • Poron Case Foam
  • Daughterboard & JST Cable - installed
  • Silicone Gaskets
    • 70 duro dark grey set x 1
    • 30 duro pale blue set (pre-installed on the plate) x 1
  • Rubber feet
    • one set in dark grey and one set in white
  • Complimentary items that are not covered by warranty
    • 1 extra LED daughterboard FPC cable
    • 2 spare back clips
    • 1 extra set of dark grey rubber feet + 1 extra set of white rubber feet
    • 1 extra set of 70 duro gaskets + 1 extra set of 30 duro gaskets
    • Contingency screw bag, all H1.5
      • M2.584.5 Countersunk Hex screw for rack
      • M2.5164.5 Countersunk Hex screw for front
      • M2.554.5 Countersunk Hex screw for weight, rear clips, and tag
      • M2*3 Socket-head Hex screw for daughterboard
      • M253.2*3.8 Countersunk Hex screw for front clips
    • A set of 80% Owlstab V3
    • 1 Thank-you card
    • Keyboard protective case

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